Welcome to The Santero's Miracle website, which is an online companion to Rudolfo Anaya's book of the same name. As an award-winning author, Rudolfo Anaya is both prominent, respected and a pioneer of southwestern literature. The development of this resource is part of The Love 4 Reading Program. Visit The Love 4 Reading link on the left to read about the interesting story behind this program. We thank the New Mexico businesses and agencies that helped fund The Love 4 Reading and made it possible for all New Mexico's third grade students in Fall 2007 to receive a complimentary copy of this book.

The Santero's Miracle covers themes of home, family, tradition, imagination, culture, and community. It reminds us of much that is special about New Mexico: our rural villages, beautiful mountains, centuries-old traditions, strong families, diverse population, and welcoming communities united in history and culture. We hope this book brings the joy of reading and magic of New Mexico to students, classrooms, and their families.