Amy Cordova

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Amy Cordova is an award-winning fine artist and educator who lives in Ranchos de Taos, New Mexico

Interview with the Illustrator, Amy Cordova

Do you get to decide all the details of your pictures, or did Mr. Anaya help? 

Mr. Anaya is a wonderful author and friend. I have now worked on four books with him. We admire and trust one another's vision. On Santero's Miracle his only request was that I use traditional borders on the paintings, like those found on the old retablos of New Mexico. It was fun to research the old paintings and discover so many great border designs. He asked that a border have angels depicted.  Can you find it in the book?

Why did you become an artist?

I have always loved making things as long as I can recall. Making art has always given me great pleasure and happiness. It has helped me still and to really see my world in a magical way.

Did you draw much when you were little?

As a child, I loved to draw and couldn't help myself. Much to the dismay of family members I drew on almost anything I could get my hands on. I didn't have art supplies so I used empty cereal boxes turned inside out as my canvas.

I remember my first ‘serious art’ piece.  I worked on it for days. I was about eight years old at the time. It was Donald Duck riding a skateboard! I loved when Fall came and it was Back to School time. The event I looked forward to the most was getting my new box of 64 Crayola crayons. I was delighted by the neat rows of glorious colors. I was so careful not to break them. I spent hours examining the various colors. They  smelled so exciting and were full of such possibility!

What excites you about art and drawing?

I never lost my passion for drawing. I am still as happy and excited today to begin a new work as I was as a child. The blank paper or canvas is an invitation to me to an entire universe of beauty and hope. I like to see my thoughts & ideas made visible.

Other books by Amy Cordova

What Can You Do with a Rebozo? (2007), by Carmen Tafollo, ISBN-13: 9781582462202

The First Tortilla (2007), by Rudolfo Anaya, ISBN: 0826342140

Blue Roses (2002), by Linda Boyden, ISBN-13: 9781584300373

Dream Carver (2002), by Diana Cohn, ISBN-13: 9780811833578

My Land Sings: Stories from the Rio Grande, by Rudolfo Anaya, ISBN-13: 9780380729029

Anaya Short Story Collection (1999), by Rudolfo Anaya, ISBN-13: 9780688150785

Abulita's Heart (1997), ISBN-13: 9780689801815

My Night Forest (1994), ISBN-13: 9780027690057

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